Magdalena Rangel is a Graphic Artist that has been residing in the West Coast for many decades since she relocated from NY in the mid seventies. She first worked in post production in Los Angeles, California for many years and then the Seattle metropolitan area in the Pacific Northwest, working on various Paul Allen related projects. She’s as comfortable with high tech as with traditional media and has been in the field for over 20 years in digital arts, video, film and fine arts, watching it all change and adapting.


Traditional Media (Drawing / Painting / 3-d arts. Prototypes / Layouts/ Storyboards / Illustration / Photography / Art Direction/ Art Production / Image Processing and Retouching / Image / WireFraming / Charts / Infographics / RotoScoping / Animation /

Adobe CS6: Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / After Effects / Flash / Lightroom / Dreamweaver / CSS /HTML /Wordpress /JavaScript, and other current and relevant applications or software.

Native fluency in Spanish Fluent Spanish. (English/Spanish, Spanish/English).. Interpreter Certification.

Currently freelancing as JumpAngelJump dEsign, Magdalena came to Seattle as artist and art director for new development projects, for Starwave a Paul Allen Company, involved in the development of many music projects, including an award winning CD ROM for Peter Gabriel called EVE, and went on to further collaborate with the Paul Allen Group (now integrated into Vulcan) via WebImage (now ImageStone) company. She prototyped the web sites for EMP (now EMPlive.com), First&Goal (planning stages of Seahawks stadium), Paul Allen (The Wired World of Paul Allen), the Seattle Seahawks, and APEX Online Learning. Starwave has now been absorbed into the online brand of Walt Disney Online. In addition to P.A.G projects, she has designed and produced a variety of other projects with WebImage/ImageStone.

Prior to her Seattle career, M. Rangel worked in the Video Post-production field in Los Angeles, working on computer graphic digital systems like the Quantel PaintBox, Cubicomp and Aurora for production companies and corporate organizations. She also worked independently creating several opening title/animated sequences for films and videos. Some of the companies she worked with were Propaganda Films, Polygram Pictures, Touchtone Pictures, Paramount and Virgin Records, Hughes Aircraft, Northrop, Garret Corporation, Unisys, and State Farm Insurance.